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​We make every effort to ensure our website is accessible and easy to use for everyone, no matter what browser you choose to use, whether or not you have any disabilities and regardless of your experience of using the Internet.


Struggling to see your screen clearly?


Here are some handy hints if the print on your screen is too small or too big. There are easy ways to change this (see next paragraph). If you are using a Windows computer (i.e. not a Mac) you just need to hold down the CTRL key on your keyboard (bottom left) and roll the wheel in the middle of your mouse backwards and forwards to enlarge or reduce the view. 


We have tried to ensure that this website works well with all the major browsers (programs used to access the internet like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Sarari or Firefox for example).  Each one has a simple method for enlarging the view of webpages.


1.  If you are using Google Chrome to view this page, in the top right of your screen click on the three bar symbol: on the list that opens look for 'Zoom' then use the - and + signs to shrink or enlarge the view.


2.  In Internet Explorer, on the Menu toolbar click on 'View' and again look for 'Zoom' on the drop-down menu.


3.  If you are using Firefox click on the same symbol as Google Chrome (three horizontal bars), also at the top right of the screen, and on the drop-down menu at the top click on either + or - to enlarge or reduce your view.


4.  In Safari click on 'View' on the menu bar at the top of the screen. In the drop down menu that opens, look for 'Zoom In' (to enlarge) and 'Zoom Out' (to reduce) the view on your screen.


Screen readers

We only use Alt text where an image conveys essential information for the page, but where it is just decorative we don't add alt text so as not to add screen 'noise' for the screen reader.


If you have any problems using this site then please let us know so that we can rectify it as soon as possible.

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